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Talent Management Toolkit

Packed with useful tools and templates, the Talent Management Toolkit gives you the knowledge and tools needed to develop a comprehensive approach to talent management in your small to mid-size organization. (Digital version, links to reproducible tools and templates.)

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Tips For Being A Great Mentor

By Diane Hamilton, April 17, 2014

Have you ever had a mentor? Someone who took you under his/her wing to show you the ropes? Someone who freely gave their time and shared their knowledge and experience to assist you in your own growth and development? I can think of a couple of mentors that I have had over the course of my career. These individuals helped shape my view of leadership and created my belief that a leader’s job, in part, is to develop future generations of leaders. I regularly ask leaders whether they have had one or more mentors during their career. More often than not, the response is “yes.” In some cases, it was a relationship created as part of a formal organizational mentoring program. In other instances, it was a leader who saw it as his/her responsibility to help pave the way for others.

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