The Coaching Partnership

Coaching is a partnership. The organization, leader, and coach work in partnership to discover the individual’s potential and achieve maximum performance over time. Coaching is not counseling. We work to align goals with organizational strategies, and focus on work-related challenges and behaviors. The client and coach work through a proven, thought-provoking process which allows the client to:

  • uncover potential
  • deepen learning
  • discover purpose and passion
  • improve performance
  • enhance quality of life, and
  • produce extraordinary results.

Typical issues include:

  • interpersonal or leadership style,
  • strategies for specific relationships and situations,
  • conflict resolution, and
  • leading or managing others.

Interested in partnering with a coach? Contact us to maximize your personal and professional potential.


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Calibra coaches

At Calibra, we’ve coached, consulted, and trained in a variety of organizations, large and small, private, public, and non-profit. We understand culture and culture change; we know the importance of aligning goals with strategic objectives; and, we identify with the need to achieve results.

We have a team of competent coaches with a variety of backgrounds. Our cadre of coaches brings experience and expertise along with a dedication and passion for developing leaders.

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What Our Clients Say

"I have really been honored to work with you and tribute you with progress I have made over the years. Thank you for your guidance and support."

—CEO, Insurance Company

"Thank you for the great insights and tools to help me be even more successful as a leader and mentor."

—Director, Transportation and Logistics Company

"I found this time to be both informative and valuable to my professional life and personal life. Thank you for your time and effort."

—Senior Manager, Health Care

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching International Coach Federation
Calibra coaches are committed to professional excellence.

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