Dual Scale Difference™

Accurately Identify Gaps

One of the strongest features of the 360 degree feedback survey and report is the Dual Scale Difference.™ The dual rating scales enables gap analyses tailored to the position of the person being rated.  The scale gives raters an opportunity to give feedback on current behavior as well as needed behavior. The dual scale is highlighted below in a sample survey item:

Dual Difference scale

The results show the "current" rating with the difference between that and the "needed" rating reflected in the gray bar on the report graphic below. No need to wonder whether the various raters have the same absolute "grading scale"; the key here is the difference between the behavior that they observe and the behavior that they feel is needed in the job.

Dual Difference Report

Rater Types: S=Self; M=Managers; D=Direct Reports; P=Peers

The dual scale easily identifies both strengths to leverage as well as priority development needs. Another key feature is that each competency can be linked to action steps and resources to assist in development planning. The library can be customized to include your organization's supporting resources.

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Additional services to enhance your 360 degree experience.

  • Competency model development
  • Coaching and feedback
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  • Train-the-coach facilitation
  • Aggregate reporting

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