Transform Individuals 360 Degrees at a Time

Information is one of the most powerful tools humans possess.

When we learn how others see us, we gain an extraordinary opportunity to build solid relationships with the people we depend on to succeed.  And, let’s face it, with strong relationships, leaders excel, employees flourish, and organizations soar to their highest potential. 360 degree feedback  provides that opportunity by revealing leaders' strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

A process and tool based on experience.

We've provided 360 degree assessments and coaching for over 20 years.  We know what works...and what doesn't.  Based on our experience, we created our own customizable 360 tool, and, we have the supporting processes to get results.

Discover the skills you need to get where you want to go.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a small organization looking to enhance the way your staff works together, you’ll find Calibra’s 360 degree feedback tool both flexible and easy to use. Calibra's unique dual scale delivers meaningful data that produces actionable results. Our 360 degree assessment will reveal powerful insights whether you are trying to solve a leadership challenge, strengthen team dynamics, or improve a process. The results will help you understand where you are excelling and what changes will enable you to reach your greatest potential.

What Our Clients Say

"My experience with Calibra has been nothing short of spectacular.  Their service orientation was off the charts..."
 - Senior HR Manager
Global Consumer Products Company
"The on-line reports provide clear data that can be readily translated into action steps. The dual scale enabled us to see the difference between what the managers are doing and the specific requirements of their position. The report links to customized development ideas and resources enabling managers to be more self-directed in their development planning."
- VP Human Resources
Residential Construction Company
"The service was excellent!  From my initial exploratory call right to the very end of the project all of my questions were answered completely and quickly.  The product speaks for itself.  What really is a standout is the level of knowledge and customer service that is offered... They are all star performers!"
- HR Director
HealthCare Facility

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A few of our clients

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