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Adversity Reveals You

Author: admin, Date: 1/4/2016

“In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we’re made of.”
Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks

How you lead during times of adversity reveals you. Your leadership strengths are highlighted and your leadership flaws are accentuated.
Adversity is in the eyes of the beholder—it can be as small as a difficult employee or customer interaction or as large as a major lay-off or legal challenge. Regardless, how you behave under stress says a lot about your overall leadership.
It is easy to lead during the good times. While obstacles still exist, leaders tend to have the resources (time, people, money) to overcome them. It’s when times get tough that you really need to demonstrate your leadership skills. What leadership strengths or weaknesses do you reveal during times of adversity? What do your employees and colleagues say about you when things are stressful? These are the things I often hear about the “boss” when I work with clients:

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Why you should strive for integration, not balance

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 4/30/2015

“Hi. How are you?”

This is a pretty standard greeting as we acknowledge co-workers in the morning or begin a phone conversation. In fact, it’s become the kind of question that rarely, if ever, requires a serious response. If we do get a real answer, it often feels awkward or even intrusive.

For some time I’ve noticed that the response I usually get when I ask, “How are you?” is “busy,” “crazy,” or “stressed.” It seems like most of us are running in different directions, struggling to manage it all, and striving to make a difference in our personal and professional lives. The common thread is the desire to achieve a greater work-life balance.

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It’s That Time of Year Again

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 7/17/2012

“The man who is so run down that he needs a vacation can never adjust or reform himself in two weeks. What he really needs is to re-transform his life.” — Elbert Hubbard, Philistine: A Periodical of Protest, 1905

SunsetFor many, summer means vacation season. It might include packing the bags and taking a holiday with the kids. Maybe it is as simple as kicking back with friends or enjoying an outdoor concert. Or, perhaps it is enjoying a variety of outdoor activities in order to benefit from the long summer days.

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Living in the Here and Now

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 2/9/2011

I’ve been coaching someone who has been striving to be more “present”. Her mind constantly races to her to-do list of 50 things that need to be accomplished. She runs from one activity to the next, rarely enjoying the journey or the accomplishment.

She works long hours and has done so for years. That being said, her challenge isn’t a work/life balance issue. She enjoys countless “fun” activities with family and friends. She volunteers, goes out for dinner, regularly works out, enjoys the theater, and spends time with her family. Her challenge is living in the “here and now”—enjoying the moment. She wants to “stop and smell the roses” and live with more gratitude and appreciation.

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