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Developing potential? Focus on strengths and shortcomings

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 10/24/2013

For over a decade, the focus of leadership and professional development has been to emphasize people’s strengths rather than concentrate on weaknesses. The concept was popularized by Gallup researchers and led to a series of StrengthsFinder books and tools. For those unfamiliar, the StrengthsFinder is an assessment that reveals dominant “themes” that help people focus on their strengths and abilities and center their work and lives on them. The premise is that it makes more sense to leverage strengths and talents versus trying to address shortcomings.

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No Offense Intended

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 6/6/2013

I received a marketing email yesterday from an individual who used a term that could be considered derogatory and offensive. I took note; found myself surprised by the use of the language; and, wondered about a potential lack of awareness as to how the terminology could offend. Well, within twenty-four hours I received a second email sincerely apologizing for the use of the language. The individual indicated that unfortunately she had no idea of the source of the phrase and its derogatory meaning. She went on to say:

“…And I couldn’t be more embarrassed and horrified. Please understand that no offense was intended.”

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Take Time to Appreciate

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 3/28/2013

Snowstorms…spring thaw…freezing rain. Huge fluctuations in weather are quite common in the Midwest. If you’ve lived or traveled in this area you are well accustomed to it.

What struck me during a recent cold spell is how easy it is for some people to focus on the negative instead of appreciating what’s in front of them. The robins are back—scratching for food through what remains of the winter snow. The crocuses and daffodils are poking their way out of the still frozen ground. Yet, what I’ve heard from a lot of people is the negative reaction to our slow turning spring (i.e., “I’m SO sick of winter”). While this is understandable as temperatures remain chilly, it prevents people from appreciating what is around them and recognizing the beauty that is at hand.

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Applying the 80/20 Rule

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 10/18/2012

You’ve heard the phrase, “the devil is in the details.” The idea that the details are important—that whatever one does it should be done thoroughly.

I’ve been knee deep in details of late. I am writing an e-book, Talent Management Toolkit. We want to provide a resource for small to mid-size organizations to help them with their talent management efforts since much of what is available focuses on large, global organizations.

I spent a great deal of time pulling together the content, writing the various chapters and updating the tools and templates. However, now I’m in the detail stage. Editing, refining, setting up the associated web pages, marketing, etc. I have definitely been overwhelmed with the details.

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Be True to Yourself

Author: Diane Hamilton, Date: 10/26/2010

In a recent post I talked about communication style and adaptability.  I think this is one issue we have spent the most time on over the years—from the C-suite to the frontline.  As mentioned previously, it is also one of the most consistent themes in 360 feedback surveys (i.e., that managers need to do a better job adapting their style to meet the needs of other people—in particular their staff and peers). 

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