Be True to Yourself

In a recent post I talked about communication style and adaptability.  I think this is one issue we have spent the most time on over the years—from the C-suite to the frontline.  As mentioned previously, it is also one of the most consistent themes in 360 feedback surveys (i.e., that managers need to do a better job adapting their style to meet the needs of other people—in particular their staff and peers). 

An important aspect of this; however, is still remaining true to yourself.  In adapting, you should never give up who you are—your core strengths.  Your strengths helped you to succeed and become the leader you are today.  Use those to your advantage.  Adapting to others helps you to leverage your strengths by identifying what others need and then adjusting your style to meet those needs.  Remember, don’t give up your identity.  Don’t change your core leadership; and, always be true to yourself.

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