Increase Resiliency in Your Employees

It is no secret that the pace, speed and complexity of change is greater than ever before.  According to some sources, the estimated rate of change doubles every 10 years.  This accelerated pace of change requires more adaptable workers and nimbler organizations.  Resiliency has become a core competency for employees at all levels.  It is important to recognize that as a leader, you help create an environment which contributes or detracts from employees’ ability to be resilient.

Employees are more resilient when they work in environments characterized by support, trust, and open communications.  What do you do to create this environment?

Resiliency decreases when the environment is characterized by threats, hostility, and miscommunications.  In what ways might you (even inadvertently) create this environment?

To increase resilience in individuals and teams, work to eliminate the following:

  • A hostile or defensive atmosphere
  • An atmosphere which tolerates personal attacks
  • Unclear or conflicting expectations
  • Tasks that may be unethical
  • Threats to job security
  • Lack of personal control

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