Our Approach to Learning

At Calibra, we believe the design of any leadership development learning experience should be grounded in the following principles:

  • Learning takes place over time.  It doesn’t happen when applied in a one-and-done approach to development.  Because of this, our approach to leadership development includes the following:
    • Individual assessment, feedback and development planning;
    • One-on-one coaching; and,
    • Team learning
    These efforts take place over the course of several months to one year.
  • The learning environment should be comfortable and non-threatening.  A relaxed, non-threatening, and enjoyable setting is conducive to practicing new skills, challenging oneself and others, and experimenting with new ideas.
  • People should be able to apply what they learn.  Specific, relevant examples, cases, and practice situations foster important linkages between training and work.  Training should be closely linked to business results, individual development plans, or specific company initiatives.
  • People should feel confidence in the facilitator/trainer/coach.  In addition to subject matter expertise, the trainer should facilitate learning rather than impose it (i.e. lecture), model the skills being taught, and effectively handle questions, discussion, and group dynamics.
  • People should feel respected.  A variety of learning methods are used to meet various learning styles in the group. Participants are given some choice within the learning process. The trainer is responsive and respectful of different views and experiences.
  • People should own their own development. While it is the responsibility of the organization to support the development process, it is up to the individual to take responsibility for his/her own learning and growth. That includes actively seeking out feedback, taking initiative in development planning, participating in group learning and one-on-one exercises.

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Our Approach to Learning

At Calibra, we believe the design of any leadership development learning experience should be grounded in the following principles.
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