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Talent Management Toolkit

A resource for small to mid-size organizations

While much has been written about talent management, the focus has primarily been on large corporations. What hasn’t been as prevalent is a resource for small to mid-size organizations, especially those companies of 1000 employees or fewer.

This toolkit is written with you in mind. Our hope is to provide a simple, yet valuable framework for thinking about talent management, along with tools and guidelines for the successful execution of the process.

The digital toolkit is packed full of tools and templates to help you develop and implement a successful talent management process.

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  • One: Building a Business Case for Talent Management

    A sound business case ties talent management efforts to business strategy. Understand and create buy-in to the business need.

  • Two: Creating the Culture and Environment

    Culture is a critical factor in the success or failure of talent management efforts. Employ practices that will create an environment of high performance.

  • Three: Competency Model Development

    Define the competencies and behaviors necessary for success (unique to your strategies, culture, specific needs, and customers).

  • Four: 360 Degree Feedback

    Use 360 feedback as a valuable tool to enhance talent management efforts. Help leaders identify strengths and development needs.

  • Five: Determining "A" Positions

    Get the right people in the right jobs to ensure success. Determine “A” positions as part of the overall talent management process.

  • Six: The Talent Review

    The cornerstone of any talent management system is the talent review. Use a variety of tools to identify talent and build bench strength.

  • Seven: Succession Planning

    Examine who is ready now, who should be groomed and what development plans are in place to address organizational needs.

  • Eight: Development

    It is not enough to identify talent. Build bench strength by developing employees through a variety of actions and activities.

  • Nine: Follow-up

    Answer employee questions post talent review. Implement next steps for each talent category.

  • Ten: Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to some of the most frequently asked talent management questions.

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