Lack of Communication?

Over the last 16 years, we’ve conducted a myriad of assessments for our clients. Whether 360 degree feedback, culture studies, team assessments, or employee opinion surveys, we often hear about a “lack of communication” within the organizations we work with. My guess is within the organization you work you hear that there is a lack of communication as well. But what does this actually mean? Does anyone in your organization know?

When talking about a lack of communication, I am reminded of a previous blog post regarding word choice. Within the post I outlined how clarification is needed when you hear others using terms like: “always,” “never,” “everybody,” “all.” Without soliciting additional information to find out the real numbers associated with these terms, it’s easy to come to a conclusion that may not provide a realistic view of an issue.

So let’s return to the phrase lack of communication. What does this really mean in your organization? The issue could be related to the format used when communicating (i.e., face-to-face, emails, meetings, etc.), timeliness of communications, clarity of the content, frequency of communication, or a combination of factors. The challenge when faced with feedback regarding a lack of communication is to challenge your own assumptions about what this may mean and ask some clarifying questions.

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