Do Organizations Set Managers Up For Success?

Countless organizations talk about how much they value their employees or their “human capital.” They espouse how important their people are to the success of their business. While there certainly is good intention in their words, actions may not always line up when it comes to setting new managers up for success.

According to a 2011 Careerbuilder study, nearly 60% of managers reported never receiving management training. This is an alarming statistic when you consider the stress associated with being a mid-level manager. Often individuals at this level within an organization are caught between the frontline (i.e., customers and client interactions) and the upper-levels of the organization (i.e., implementing strategic initiatives).

Compounding the stress for managers is the unique skill set it takes to be a leader of others. For most new managers, they have been promoted into their position because they were a strong “technical expert.” Technical experts are proficient at producing results as individuals. Unfortunately, as a manager, one must be proficient at getting results through others.

Without proper exposure to what it takes to get results through others (i.e., management training, leadership development), the road to success may be a bumpy ride paved with lessons learned the hard way for most new managers.

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